Massage Therapy: Hydrotherm
My motto when I created The Better Wellbeing System was to help people to see that massage has become a necessity, and should not be considered just a luxurious treat!
I have seen massage keep people on track with their lives, reducing mental stress and physical pain so that they can feel at ease, feel calm, feel invigorated and most of all reaching their optimal physical and mental potential.
The Hydrotherm Experience
You are welcomed by cushions of warm water that replace a hard treatment couch. You then lay upon the cushions face up knowing that there will be no turning over, no blocked noses in the face hole and no arms getting cold while dangling down the side of the couch while in this treatment your hands are placed under the warm water cushions instead.
Warmth begins to ease muscle aches and the gentle flotation helps you to start feeling weightless, nurtured and relaxed.
Your Therapist applies a massage technique that uses your body weight to achieve the pressure, movements have depth without discomfort and this 3-dimensional massage therapy flows from one limb to another, feeling stretched and tension releases. You are constantly connected to the warmth and flotation throughout so your relaxation deepens and you will find yourself able to really let go and enjoy a wonderful treatment as you can rest in the knowledge that you do not need to turn over at any point.
When the treatment ends you will notice how much more fluidly your body rocks on the water cushions and as you get up from the couch you notice how your range of movement has increased.
You’re left feeling calm and so light and free of tension and a short while later this makes you feel energised, leading to one of the best sleeps you’ve ever had!
Who benefits from Hydrotherm
Many people benefit from Hydrotherm from those wishing to deeply relax in a treatment which is not disrupted by turning over, perhaps you find it uncomfortable to lay on your tummy following surgery, you may be suffering with a lot of aches in your muscles and the warmth dissipates this for you. Your Therapist may have undergone further training with the Hydrotherm system enabling them to treat women through all stages of pregnancy and those with Cancer.
All sorts of further treatments can be conducted on Hydrotherm from Facials to Reflexology.

Claire’s Massage Clinics & Testimonials
Claire offers massage and facial treatments in both Brighton & London and attracts clients who are suffering with M.E., Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lumbar Lordosis, Headaches & Migraines.
Claire is trained in both Pregnancy & Cancer massage on the Hydrotherm system. She also trains other therapists in the technique in Norfolk, Suffolk, Brighton & London.
Follow these links for client testimonials;