After distilling my first ever Lavender Essential Oil in France last weekend, despite training as an Aromatherapist 14 years ago! I have found myself appreciating the ‘quality’ aspect of the ingredients we use in massage, and we really do get what we pay for.

My recent training helped me to realise that there’s giving a beautiful fragrant massage and there’s giving an aroma-therapeutic results driven massage. (Note how you feel when you read the description of each). The first one is all nice and dreamy and you can picture yourself there relaxing then the second one makes you stand up and take note! It’s a united blend of the two that I am achieving in my clinic – I am aware of what it takes to book yourself in for a massage that seems so indulgent on the outside but, so needed on the inside. I am intent on making it a beautiful experience with a justifying note that your body changes and improves as a result, letting the Aromatherapy deliver the longer term experience.

Around 1200 Rose petals make 1ml of Essential Oil so, when 1-2 drops go into your blend this fact helps you to appreciate its potency and therefore its impact on you. Rose instantly makes you feel incredibly in touch with your feminine side, nurtured and calm and almost unable to feel depressed.

I used 1 drop of Sweet Orange Essential Oil in a blend the other day and my client was astounded at how intoxicated and refreshed she felt with one sniff as it was applied and even more surprised when I said it was only one drop. Immediately she rested into the treatment knowing that the quality of certified organic ingredients would impact her wellbeing. You only have to give an orange a squeeze to see the essential oil ooze out of the peel so, is one of the more easily produced oils available – pure harmony!

So, be a bit savvy when you have a massage! Now that you know your massage can be more than just fragrant it can be aromatic, therapeutic and expect results physically on both your skin and flexibility, emotionally in the way you breathe and release stress and enjoy Better Wellbeing.