Claire’s NEW Wellbeing Facial incorporates the natural material that is sponge sourced from a perennial plant in Asia called the Konjac Sponge – and quite simply a food source which is mineral rich. The sponge forms part of both your cleanse and massage stages within the facial to smooth, purify and even your complexion.

Some clients will experience an additional ingredient of Green Tea, Green Clay, Pink Clay, Charcoal or Chamomile if there skin requires additional support.

Most recently Claire has grown the eco-friendly element by incorporating the Konjac eye pads to cool, revive and massage the eye while still cleaning away eye make-up without irritation or leaving cotton fibres behind.

Claire retails the sponge to clients for an additional £8 for simple and effective care at home and £17 for a set of 8 eye pads for home use.

Another simple, effective and essential addition to facials at The Better Wellbeing System!