Is a warm, cosy treatment room enough for you to feel relaxed or do you need another dimension?

To know the effects of heat on our muscle tension you only have to cast your mind back to your last bath or shower and how much better you felt because of it. Heat dissipates pain without question. It enables your treatment to be far more comfortable, especially if you have very niggly tension or poor circulation.

Warming your muscles prior to massage speeds up their recovery and makes them far more pliable for the Therapist to work on and with less discomfort to you. This transforms the outcome, as time is required on the areas of tension but if it hurts you and makes you very aware then it will cause you to tense further.

If you have poor circulation it means your muscles will be taut in a state of contraction and poor blood flow will lead to increased tension and not enough nutrients to reach your muscles. This in turn causes poor freedom of motion and constant niggling tension.

There are a few ways to request heat within your treatments via a heated blanket, hot stones or Hydrotherm.

Relax in the warmth and enjoy less pain!