The message in the name is Be Well. My return to my roots of massage practice led me to create this system. The beauty of this system is that it has flexibility and so will you when you commit to the treatment plan I set out for you!

So many of us forget how flexible our body once was, yet when you receive a great tailored massage your awareness of posture, breath and flexibility is overwhelming.

I have studied and practiced in the beauty industry since 1996 and it is this variety of skills that I pull upon to create individual treatments that have results. primarily I link the power of Aromatherapy with Hydrotherm Massage. Hydrotherm is a technique where the therapist works from underneath your body while you lay supported upon two large warm water cushions. Your body weight determines the pressure and the heat offers speedier relaxation.

I believe that regular commitment to massage will result in a more flexible body that is less stressed and leaves you with a sense of wellbeing. I am currently trialling my techniques to prove The Better Wellbeing System.