Its fair to say that we can appreciate the quality of a product on our skin and the results seen after in the radiance and condition of our skin, but what does aroma offer?

Aroma is about memories, it’s about triggering a memory or creating a new one. Ideally where your mind is prompted to remember a nice experience. It is right that we are drawn to certain smells for a reason whether it be our perfume, our shower gel or body cream. Smells have to make us feel good for us to select them.

As an Aromatherapist I create synergies of essential oils for every client based on their needs whether it be to relax, induce a better sleep, ease pain, improve their digestion, to energise or to soothe before passing the creation under the clients nose for approval. When I get it right I am met with an agreeable face and expression. The body knows what it needs and is naturally attracted to the right aromas that can provide the right result.

There is scientific research to tell us that there is so much more to a smell as the journey it takes through the brain and to the olfactory bulb, to our hypothalamus and limbic system – our emotional centre and explains why oils affect our mood.

Plants produce aroma as a form of defence or attraction, to protect or to harness and when we sniff the aromatic molecules are inhaled, warmed and dissolve into the mucous and result in electrical impulses to the brain. The oils absorb through the skin and circulates our system via the blood, its after effects are felt long after the massage.

Our five senses are stimulated through a massage with aroma; from touch (the massage itself), sight (the setting), smell (aroma), hearing (music or silence) and taste (through aroma). You can see that already adding Aromatherapy to your treatment can encapsulate a true holistic experience and outcome.

It’s time to see the powerful effects of how a smell can go on to make us feel; at ease, invigorated, grounded and calmer. Choosing Aromatherapy should not dictate the type of massage you experience as it normally suggests a lighter massage technique. Instead Aromatherapy enhances the type of massage you opt for.

Aroma is essential for incredible ongoing results – breathe it in and let it circulate!