Have a read of the following stress symptoms and tell me what you think the cause is;

  • Shallow Breathing
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Muscle Tension

Why are most of us stressed..? I know the main response to this question…Rihanna wrote a song about it…Work, Work, Work! Would it surprise you to learn that the symptoms above are that of a man I met today 10 days after losing his wife to Cancer. I am so pleased to be in a position of support to people during such stressful times. When he shares his current situation with me he describes it as ‘just terrible’ I sense the love he has for her and that he would do anything to have her back by his side. At times I see the waves of emotion spill through his breathing patterns and I at times find myself holding my own emotions of the situation together,

As a Therapist where do you begin when faced with a consultation that contains grief, sadness and loss. Well, you have to dig deep and observe the impact. I begin with creating the right synergy of oils to bring the aromas of peace, grounding & meditative breath and find it in Sunflower, Arnica, Frankincense, Petitgrain & Sweet Orange. He immediately enjoys the aroma and so I apply across his chest toards his neck so he can be fulfilled by the sheer effects of the smell, I continue the application to his back, arms and abdomen. If ever you wonder whether massaging the tummy is appropriate then I urge you not to hesitate especially in this situation. We’ve all felt anxiety, indecision and an unsettling feeling at this centrepoint, now add grief and in return you experience pain! I began the massage at this central core to settle, warm and create space for a deeper more meditative breath to occur. I work across the chest, the heart and lengthen and free the neck and head before stretching down to the arms, easing him into relaxation and opening him up to trust the world again. I soften and stretch through the torso before returning to the scalp and face (imagine how many thoughts race through your head when you lose someone so close). I finish with a very simple pattern of hand placement on the abdomen, solar plexus, chest and head before a light, flowing body balancing technique to complete the massage experience.

He was calm, grateful and relieved to know that ahead of him lay a restful night and with a bottle of the blend to use at home, to smell, apply or to add to his next bath.

This blog was written to acknowledge the life of his wife and to send a warm hug to his family who invested in his wellbeing and bought him a massage, as they understand and appreciate the power of touch!