Water is the purest fluid we know yet still it can present unwanted side effects on the skin!

Hard water is the problem and explains why we suffer with a taut, tight and dehydrated skin and for some explains why they have acne!

Why? Hard water contains limescale, rust, bacteria and mineral residues. You only have to look at your kettle, washing machine, pots and pans to see the damage the build up has. So, simply imagine water passing through pipes and never having a chance to dry. The residues build up and end up on our skin where we are wondering what did we do wrong in our routine?

It explains why we can’t create a decent foam with a cleanser or shampoo or body wash when we understand the increase of both Calcium & Magnesium ions in hard water. The build up of residues blocks pipes and so in turn will block pores causing congestion, spots and potentially Acne! The levels of these minerals becoming greater mean that water is more alkaline and therefore more drying and can lead to Eczema or Dermatitis.

What can be done?

There are two approaches firstly use creamy cleansers that soften your skin while cleaning rather than leaving your skin ‘squeaky clean’ and then follow with a floral water or alcohol free tonic to remove the hard water residue and bring back the comfortable feeling back to your skin.