Your posture is unique to you even if you have been diagnosed with Scoliosis, Lumbar Lordosis or a flat back. Your body’s shape may be indignant of a condition but how your body then interprets it will vary from person to person.
Do you know whether your spine follows the natural curves it’s meant to or has your own posture habits led to a change?
Essentially were you born with the curves you have now, or did they develop through a condition, or was it learned over time through your work and lifestyle postures?
A flat back is perhaps the least talked about posture from the list above and I would like to share a bit of information from those that I have massaged with this posture. In fact it’s more common than you may think and I am currently writing a book on it.
Let’s start with the basics…When you look in the mirror at your posture right now do you see the following;
  • Head and neck fall forward
  • Shoulders are rounded
  • Mid to lower back is straight without the natural curves expected of the spine
  • Pelvis and hips fall forward
  • Knees lock and grind
  • Calf muscles become tight
  • Hamstrings become tight
If yes to all these then it’s likely you have what was once called a Miners Back but now softly termed as a Flat Back. If this does not relate to you then read my next blogs on Lumbar Lordosis and Scoliosis in the coming weeks,
My initial thoughts have always leaned towards this posture being caused by work and lifestyle as I witness it time and time again wherever people are standing still, usually in a queue!
When they are receiving a massage from me there back lays in such a way that there back is almost forced into the couch, there is a notable rounding of their shoulders and calves and hamstrings are tight. I offer supine massage on a system called Hydrotherm – where you lay supported on warm water cushions while I massage 3-dimensionally using your body weight as the pressure. This technique has taught me to be so much more observant of postures and to learn the trigger points that offer the best release of tension and the best possible movement potential. It is incredible to see this posture ease out when you treat the trigger points of Pectoralis (chest muscles), Splenius Cervicis in the neck and then to the lower extremities of Hamstrings & Gastrocnemius in the calves.
Whether you were born with this posture or lifestyle or condition has led to it, what you need to know is that its able to improve, and as a result lead you to feel much more agile!
Ultimately my mission with the book is to learn whether I can correct a flat back posture and its restrictions. The book will follow my journey as the owner of a flat back myself and my gift to you is the knowledge that comes as a result of it! Here is my promise;
  • Personally take action to improve my own posture
  • Invite people to visit me for a course of treatments while I monitor their responses
  • Interview experts in the fields of alignment, muscles, bones, wellbeing, massage and fitness and share their views and experiences
  • Create a social media campaign to learn more worldwide
  • Have photo and video examples of progress
  • Research things you and I can do for ourselves as well as enlisting the help of others
I intend to release the book at the end of this year.