19 yrs ago I was introduced to the British made Hydrotherm system which I still compliment every treatment with today.

Clients often walk through the door with more than a need to reduce stress, they present us with a plethora of ailments.
Here’s an excerpt from a consultation I did recently;

Generally healthy
Fitted with colostomy bag
Suffers from sciatica
On thyroxine
Citilopram (anti-depressant)
Anti-histamine due to colostomy bag allergy
Allergic to cat hair, hydra-coloid material, peppers, bananas.
Neck and shoulder muscles very tight and often spasm
Not had a back massage since having colostomy bag ‘but I really need it’

The Hydrotherm system designed by remedial sports Therapist, John Holman provides a versatility sometimes lacking in traditional massage. It enables a Therapist to help clients comfortably enjoy effective massage with no need to turn over which proved invaluable for the client mentioned above.

As massage therapists We need to treat the whole person over and above the ‘iffy back’

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