What sprung to mind this #throwbackthursday is the many times in my career where I have trained within and seen pop up all over the place are ‘Spa’s’

Havens, sanctuaries, retreats, all offering a space of luxury and serenity! Sounds beautiful right but true to the word..? Not always!

As many ‘buzz’ words pop up, come and go in all industries, Spa businesses crop up relentlessly even today, but early on in my career I learned that the word SPA actually stood for something…Salus Per Aqua (or Salus Per Aquam in Latin) meaning ‘Healing or Therapy through Water. Google it and you’ll be swamped with images of candles, flowers, luxury and people in dressing gowns. In France true spas exist, facilities that extend past the luxury pampering treatment rooms and relaxation areas to bring you Hydrotherapy. Delivered in a multitude of ways from baths to vichy showers and various pools to bathe in therapeutic wellness. Even body scrubs and body wraps include a bathing experience, a blend of jets and hoses continue the power of effectiveness that is Hydrotherapy – 40 x stronger than a manual massage!

Manual massage, facials and other Therapies are likely to be on offer to! Next time you book a spa treatment ask them what water facilities they have in place and enjoy healing through water!

I have had the pleasure of working in some incredible spas that are true to the meaning in both the UK, Ireland & Europe. One of the most memorable was and still is Monart Spa in Ireland (Enniscorthy). I trained staff at the spa while building works was still going on. I’ll never forget Hydrotherapy training with a hard hat and high vis vest on! I watched this amazing spa come alive from the paper designs, historic buildings kept and intwined in the design and any trees cleared for the new buildings were re-purposed within it, creating beautiful seating to relax in-between your retreat experience. This venue surpassed SPA, as it became a Destination Spa. It was a sensory delight the rolling hills outside the spa were a sensory delight with a log cabin housing a steam room a short walk from the main building. In Winter they talked of people rolling in the snow before warming up with heat!

There attention to detail was overwhelming, customer care a president. Book at www.monart.ie and you will not be disappointed!