No pain, no gain was considered the right way to go in many a beauty treatment but what about massage? Who reading this books in for a sports or deep tissue massage when there aches are really strong and book in for swedish or aromatherapy if they just want to relax?

Massage should be tailored for you no matter which you opt for and should be a blend of all techniques to give you the treatment you need..

Let’s take the pressure of massage for example if your therapist doesn’t ‘get stuck in’ do you feel disappointed? Depth of a massage isn’t about pushing as hard as you can into your muscles it’s about pace and my mantra of ‘the slower you go the deeper it feels’ is true. The faster you work the more you skim the muscles and have little impact on anything other than the lymphatic system. A slower pace gives depth and both the therapist and the client feel more. This application of massage technique will ensure results while not bruising you and will enable you to function the next day.

A one off massage is not the cure, regularity is the key to results!