I have chosen this blog to share that I have an addiction to…Cocos Nucifera – Latin for Coconut Oil! Hair, Skin, Lipbalm, as you can see multi-use top to toe ingredient. Simple skincare is so the way forward. As I waded through the stands at Camexpo last weekend to seek out ‘actual’ natural product ingredients I couldn’t believe that in 2013 that it is still so hard to find honest companies with pure product. Who made it okay not to provide the ingredients as nature intended? I met distributors that were hosting a huge variety of supposedly ‘natural’ product ranges yet, when asked what I consider to be basic questions, my reply came in a look of sheer inconvenience to be asked such a question!!

There were two stand out scenarios that I have to share with you; I spotted some essential oils on a table, upon reaching for the bottle looking for the certified organic symbol a lady approached me to ask if I needed help. I said what I was looking for and she replied with “Okay just let me run through my spiel and then I’ll leave you to browse” and proceeded to brief me through their face and body range. I had to interrupt her to remind her of my original question. She picked up a bottle to look and see as she didn’t know. “They’re American” she said, and then carried on with the company history? I was baffled and wanted to tell her it’s okay to say you don’t know or no it’s not certified organic but don’t force me to be a customer!

The second experience was when taking a closer look at a range from New Zealand – Antipodes with some really interesting blends of ingredients and stickers on them claiming to stimulate type 1 Collagen. First I was told these claims were based on blind studies in the laboratory (she was a little cagey so I had to reassuringly check that this was not on animals!) “Oh no on human skin” – I asked how many people had been tested to be able to quote these claim percentages, the reply was “skin cells in a lab” So no environment, lifestyle, age, nor hormonal activity in the mix so, is not a true representation of real skin! Okay so then as I am taking a more detailed look at the packaging I ask for clarification here to. “It says certified organic yet, underneath it says 96% sourced organically?” Absolutely a play on words, or perhaps a dance on words here! She was actually ¬†baffled herself and said something about her thinking the packaging had been changed..!

Who decided to make such simple ingredients from nature so complicated and who gave a sales person the right to “sell” these products without really understanding the products they are in?

After leaving the show I was left even more determined and inspired to bring 100% organic ingredients to my clients, in bespoke tailored formulas. In the 19 years I have been in the beauty industry I have worked with some amazing ingredients that really do deliver results and I am looking forward top bringing them to the forefront in their pure and natural state. Watch this space for Green Coffee, Azulene, Spirulina, Baobab, Acai Berry, Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter, to name a few! I use certified organic oils in all Hydrotherm massage treatments as part of The Better Wellbeing System and the clients are enjoying the greater experience of this.

A special thank you to NHR Organic Oils, Kolinka Zinovieff & Star Khechara for reigniting my passion for ingredients and showing me how I can use what I have learned in these loyal years to my industry. Also, to Daniel Priestley & Mike Harris for writing their books and sharing their insightfulness to help me to see the value I have to share!