If you’ve not tried a massage on the Hydrotherm system then imagine this, you love a hot water bottle right? You love a bath right? Well imagine laying supported by two large warm water cushions that give you the released feeling of ‘Ahhhhh’ similar to that ease a bath dip gives you but this is a dry bath!

This is what happens before you’re massaged you feel warm, comfortable, supported and your pain begins to dissipate. When the massage takes place you are already way ahead of the relaxed feeling that takes 20 minutes to occur when receiving a traditional massage. This way effective massage takes place in a short space of time by the end of your treatment you feel flawed by the difference you feel. It is one of the most amazing coatings I’ve ever had and to offer it to customers is a joy and now that I train other therapists in the technique I know that I am sharing a wonderful experience with a wider audience.

Thank you to John Holman!