Deep down we know we need to eat healthy and balanced meals right? We need to commit to regularly moving, stretching and working the heart muscle efficiently, agreed? We know we need to find ways to relax, soothe muscle tension and restore our being, at least I hope you do!

Is it news to you that you need to get all 3 mastered? What do I mean by mastered, well I mean to get true, long-lasting results you need to ensure all 3 angles are catered for in your life. Why? Because one feeds the other, literally in the case of nutrition!

What I would like to focus on is what motivates us to keep a healthy, happy lifestyle going?

I’ve been spending some time with Nutritionist Emma Oliff and Holistic Personal Trainer Sean Newton, these discussions combined with my thoughts during many massages felt the need to bring the words to you in this blog! I’m not sure it’s revolutionary but thought provoking nonetheless!

There’s a mindset shift that needs to take place in us to ensure we are consistent, and when we are consistent we get progress! Words to this effect were shared with me by Inspirational and Motivational Coach – Raghav Parkash. How does such a mindset shift take place, well it’s fair to say that we need to believe that we deserve such positive outcomes.

I’m going to describe realistic outlines of two women and afterwards think about which resonate with you?

Molly enjoyed and took part in many sports activities as a kid before working hard and partying hard in her 20’s, with the odd workout or smoothie thrown in to make her feel good. She had one massage during her pregnancy and she vowed to keep having them before she knew it she became a mother to 3 beautiful children. She ate when she could, exercise became the ‘kid workout’ and she had the pleasure of a massage via a gift voucher. Molly feels tired, achy with niggly tension, she’s under confident with her body and how it has changed and tries her best to cook good meals for all the family.

Liz  enjoyed and took part in many sports activities as a kid before working hard and partying hard in her 20’s, with the odd workout or smoothie thrown in to make her feel good. She had a massage every month during her pregnancy and continued to keep having them and became a mother to 3 beautiful children. She included the children with the food shopping experience and together they created vibrant and tasty meals, exercise became activities with the kids with Pilates and running for her. Liz is happy and accepts her body has changed. She has adapted the way she eats, what exercise she does to suit her family’s lifestyle and books in a massage every 6 weeks.

Which one resonated with you or was it both? Do you recognise yourself as Molly but wish you could be Liz or did you recognise yourself as clearly one or the other? You may have thought I was about to write the same story for each of them but it highlights that one made a different choice but how and why did Liz sustain it?

I believe each element fuels the other and each one underpins the other and stops you falling off the wagon so to speak!

If you play to your senses you will enrich your life with vitality. If food looks colourful, inviting and most importantly tastes good then you enjoy it, you really taste it and your body processes it well. If exercise is both fun and functional then you look forward to it, it’s time well spent and you’ll feel the results both in energy and within yourself, Massage is a physical therapy to improve circulation, lymph flow and brings about body awareness, it eases tension, lessens injury and makes you crave only good ingredients on your skin and with what you eat.

To look, feel and do good, combine nutrition, fitness and massage, We know we need to do it to be healthy and at our optimum but let’s look at sustaining it for a good quality of life!