The first step in our beauty routines for the face, body and hair seem to be where time is least spent – a quick clean before spending the time on serums and moisturisers that make all the promises to repair your skin! Have you tried double cleansing yet..? I’d like to flip your priorities around and not just for the sake of being different! Let me focus on skin as that is my area of expertise – I’ve taught many Therapists the subject of skincare and when I pose the question ‘Why do we cleanse..?’ The obvious reply heads my way ‘…to clean!’ Well yes of course to clean but there’s more value in the cleanse than most people realise and to sum it all up into one word it’s to ‘prepare’ the skin for further treatment.
Our skin naturally protects and excretes sweat and sebum – it’s actually pretty stubborn and selective (and rightly so!) when it comes to absorption. Well, you don’t sit in a bath and absorb all the water right! This resistance means that most serums and moisturisers are applied to a parched base after cleansing as natural oils are stripped away with hard water, foaming washes and all manner of formulas to make our skin squeaky clean, even as far as those with Glycolic and exfoliating beads contained within them to have a 2in1 effect. Then we expect our skin to soak up the exciting serums and moisturisers and hey presto magical results! Er nope, your skin is still recovering from the first step and instead craves more nourishment.
So, now I’d like you to imagine a magical cleanser that cleans, softens and prepares your skin prior to further product making it much more receptive. The products that follow are then applied to a skin that is ready to make your products work at their optimum. The routine then sees progressive results for your skin from the beginning to the end of your routine.
However, another thing to add at this stage is that if the cleanser achieves a calm, radiant and smooth complexion then you can apply less at the end, saving you oodles of time while you enjoy beautiful skin, how does that sound..?
So next time you’re cleansing do it twice and see the impact (of course this suggestion is based upon using a good quality cleanser specifically for your skin type) I’ve even triple cleansed my skin and saw it get better and better.
Bear in mind that your skin cleanses itself naturally, it exfoliates and moisturises naturally however, our environment, hormones and make-up choices determine why we need to product cleanse, treat and protect it further, providing a helping hand. Consider buffing your skin with a cloth or konjac sponge instead of product exfoliators and activate your skins own natural cell renewal. This will keep cell turnover at a healthy 28 days rather than creeping up to 40 days as we age, otherwise this can lead to a dull complexion and one that is also resistant to product absorption and product response to! Serums and moisturisers treat and protect a prepared skin well. Be sure to seek light formulas, even for dry skin as you need the skin not to become overloaded and instead absorb easily giving the skin comfort. I zoom back to the title of this blog to finish…Cleansing is the new moisturising – do it well and your skin will crave less at the end, enjoy a better skin complexion and long term resilient, radiant and bouncy skin.
I create bespoke skin formulas for individuals – find out my thoughts on determining what your skin type actually is in my next blog!