Massage to the extremities has always proved successful in many a treatment but why?

What happens at the head, hands and feet to make massage there so effective on the whole body well, it’s all due to your network of nerves.

The extremities are where the nerves end in the body and when these points are massaged it soothes them and a message is carried through the network (a pathway through the body) and it soothes everything en route.

There are extra reasons to elect for your head to be treated and at the very beginning of your treatment. No matter what the duration of your treatment it can take time for you to relax and unwind, your body can only relax when your mind is focussed on your wellbeing.

To maximise the impact and effects of massage on your wellbeing you may like to see past any reason not to and book yourself in for scalp massage or ask your Therapist to add it into your experience.

A massage to the head should not stop at the scalp it should extend to the face. The techniques used will release ‘pressure’ from stress, sinus congestion or from a headache or migraine. As the tension releases you will have a lighter head on your shoulders. This will make you so much more receptive to the remaining part of your massage and you will leave the room feeling like that hour was justified in your schedule.

Based on this insight never underestimate your next Manicure, Pedicure or Reflexology and the power of massage on these points.

Remember, start at the top and enjoy wellbeing, relaxation, increased circulation, ease of tension and clarity, resulting in a better nights rest!