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Claire offers two corporate massage days a month in Brighton & London and has seen wonderful outcomes in the wellbeing of staff, they show reduced tension, decrease in stress and are more focused at work. Massage has become part of their routine!

Corporate wellbeing and staff massage days

We currently offer two corporate massage days a month in Brighton & London and have seen wonderful outcomes in staff wellbeing; reduced tension, a decrease in stress and more focus at work. Massage rapidly becomes part of their routine! Get in touch if you would like to develop a better wellbeing and better fitness programme for your staff, programmes can be tailored and delivered to suit your requirements, to keep your staff happy and healthy in the home and in the workplace.

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Case study - PURE 360

A digital marketing company based in London

Synopsis: a one-off wellbeing day to introduce staff to ways of relaxing through massage and aromatherapy.

pure 360“Working with Claire has given us the chance to show our staff we care about their wellbeing at the same time as actually making them happier.”

“Everybody who meet with Claire rushed to book their next session and many choose to see Claire again privately. Claire’s visits to the office are always highly anticipated and we see happier and calmer staff every time she comes.”

Carrie Hutchison – Director at Pure360

‘The Hydrotherm massages are possible one of my all time favourite massages.  I get to lie on warm water cushions, which helps prevent my back from stiffening and as some that suffers from the cold, this has been a revelation.  I’ve noticed my body tense during other types of massage, often due to the chill as my body relaxes.  Thankfully this has never been an issue with the hydrotherm massage.’


Pure 360

‘Claire has managed to work out knots that I’m sure have been there for years.  I’ve noticed my posture improving again as my body is much freer to move and I don’t have to work against those knots just to sit up straight!   I cannot recommend Claire’s hydrotherm massages enough.  They’re both relaxing and rejuvenating, the knots are gone and my body is happier and more awake for it.’


Pure 360

‘I’m a big advocate of taking time out in the working day to step away from my desk and laptop and gather my thoughts, this is so important in stressful jobs where many don’t even have time for a proper lunch break. Claire’s massages are a perfect excuse to do this. She relieves the tension I build up in my shoulders from stress and sitting at a desk for hours, whilst being able to both calm and invigorate me, so I can go back to work feeling refreshed and with a clear mind. Highly recommended and incredibly beneficial for todays hectic work schedule!’


Pure 360

‘I really enjoy the Hydrotherm massages, it’s like Claire has a million arms to help sooth you, pure bliss. Having massage available during work is a brilliant way to get it into my schedule. With it being not only effectively on my doorstep but something that I am able to have done whilst at work is brilliant. I don’t have to organise anything in my free time to look after myself as the opportunity is right here’.


Pure 360