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Bespoke approaches to the forefront for the health of the workforce, partnership working and signature scents for your company or clients

Business to Business

The Better Wellbeing System supports people as individuals and in large companies by bringing bespoke approaches to the forefront for the health of the workforce. Choose from massage, fitness and aromatherapy corporate days along with a Signature Scent service for businesses who would like to leave a lasting impression on their customers!


At The Massage Company Claire created 4 special blends that linked branding with experience, each blend building a memory of coming to their space to relax, unwind, ease and refresh. Claire is the Training & Product Development Manager at The Massage Company overseeing every product decision and delivery of training in Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones & Scalp Massage upgrades (the current ‘upgrade’ ratio is 51%). In making the blends Claire took the brand name and created a synergy for each letter of the name TMC (Tension Relief, Motivation, Calm & Relax) with an additional blend for pregnant women.
The Massage Company is a new franchise opportunity within the UK, with plans set high expanding to 36 centres in 5 years.

Claire completed a 6 month training programme at NHR Organic Oils bringing the oils to life for the team that batch the orders of these wonderful organic and wild-grown oils that she uses in her her very own skincare range. The training has been designed to support the team with the wide range of enquiries they receive on which oil to use and how to use it.


Do you own a travel company..?
‘Imagine creating a honeymoon package for a couple in Greece and a week after they land home they receive a gift in the post from your company. They open the package, pick up a beautifully labelled gift that says Simon & Angela’s Honeymoon Memory, they take off the lid and inhale aromas of Jasmine, Sweet Orange & Neroli and it takes them straight back to their wonderful experience, a magical moment and anytime they want to zoom back there they just carry the bottle of aroma with them. Next time they plan a holiday they will have you in mind, and wonder what aromas capture the essence of their next trip!’

Do you run Retreats..?
‘Imagine somebody finally booking that life-changing retreat and after they come home home they need to make sure the changes last. Using aroma to remind them and to take them straight back to that life-changing moment where the penny dropped and the right shift happened. They could hold onto it with meditative Frankincense, healing Myrrh and a grounding zest of Petitgrain Mandarin.’ These memory triggers may cause them to message you, tweet about you, blog about you, share the aroma with friends to share the experience they had to entice someone else to take a brave step forward.’

Do you work in Palliative Care..?
In palliative care you can have their favourite memories captured in a scent, to take them back to a place of peace, calm, happiness and acceptance that they existed in the world and brought special moments with them.

Aromatherapy is a powerful modality that captures the potency and like for like smell from the plant itself. At The Better Wellbeing System we use plant based, organic, wild grown plant oils to create beautiful synergies of scent that linger forever.

Creating your Signature Scent

Have you ever thought of creating a Signature scent for your business? A blend of aromas that capture your business essence! Using the power of smell you can build a memory or trigger a memory for a person that takes them to a memory that also relates to their experience with your business…

There’s lots of different kinds of business that could use this concept from Yoga Classes to Florists, from Life Coaching to Fashion. If you’ve got an idea share it with Claire to create your Signature Scent

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