Two weeks into the year and making time for exercise can still elude many. This got me thinking and prompted the short video to highlight the ease and convenience of a workout for those who class themselves as beginners,unfit or de-conditioned.

The 5 Minute Workout From The Couch!

This is not a disingenuous  ‘clickbait’ video headline, no, the idea was put into action after an online personal training session which included the very same exercises demonstrated.

Surely 5 minutes is not enough time for a proper workout, plus it can’t be worthwhile if negligible calories are ….shredded?

Well, my answer is based partially on my introduction and research backed up by *Harvard apparently! First, have a look at the video and I’ll explain further

SMALL WINS – Yes, that’s the premise behind doing a short, achievable exercise routine. I appreciate achievable is still dependant on ability however the specifics of the exercise are less important compared to the process or real objective of: allocating a short period of time and successfully completing an achievable task.

The benefits of exercise on physical and mental health are well documented so its not unreasonable to adopt a baseline stance that ‘doing something is better than doing nothing’. If we take that a step further by re-framing common goals of most exercise – away from calories and toning – away from the assumptions of longer time-frames, away from needing a gym and specialist equipment – then hopefully the rationale behind breaking or challenging such common internal dialogue of ‘I  can’t because….’, holds up as valid.


Habit forming and consistency for success is something I’ve written about before, yet too often this equation is associated with overwhelming gym based physique goals (ironically, most sculpted bodies originated from humble beginnings). However, to best get this message across or at least clarify how habit, consistency and small wins converge, I must share the following incredible TED talk. It’s 20 mins long so in theory you could watch it during a bathroom break! Here’s Stephen Duneier

Hopefully you’ll take some inspiration from Mr Duneier’s talk regardless of what ability or lifestyle goals you have. As for my 5 minute couch video, well it doesn’t take long to do it. In fact expect a few more posted each week here and on the YouTube channel.

In the meantime  If you’re still looking for a start the year goal then how about this;

Go Make A Small, Positive, Healthy WIN!


*Harvard Research