The better skin formula

Better solutions for great skin

Better solutions for great skin

Create better skin, improved confidence and a sense of wellbeing. The Better Skin Formula is made from beautiful plant oils that are Certified Organic & wild-grown. 2-5 ingredients combine into simple potent formulas to bring out the best in your complexion.

Which part of your skincare routine do you prioritise? Most people prioritise moisturisers in their skincare routine as it is believed that this makes the most difference. But there is another step in the routine that has a far greater impact right at the start; cleansing!

Why do we cleanse..?

The obvious answer to this is clean skin.

However by cleansing you also soften and prepare the skin, making it much more receptive to the following steps in your routine.

Is one cleanse enough..?

The short answer is no.

The skin builds up various residues throughout the day that are water and oil-soluble. It also collects material from the environment; dirt, grime, pollutants and bacteria. Certain textures such as cream, milk and oil-based cleansers when massaged on the skin, help breakdown this build up allowing effective removal with a cloth. These will also contribute to a much softer and conditioned skin, rather than one that is squeaky clean and parched. There should be no side effects of a cleanser; cleansing should not strip off all natural oils and dehydrate your skin. It is important not to leave the brain assuming your skin is dry, signalling it to send more oils that build up creating an oily/dehydrated skin type instead! Your cleanser should make your skin clean and prepared for the next step in your routine.


When is it best to cleanse..?

Morning and evening 

To explain further; at the end of the day, we all have a build-up of residues on our skin such as; grease, grime, make-up and bacteria. We remove this to provide a clean canvas on which to apply further products. Also, by the morning our skin; a naturally an excretory organ; has produced sweat and sebum, our natural oil. These residues that occur overnight can contribute to breakouts of spots at any age, so it is essential to cleanse in the morning for a clear, flawless complexion.


Learn tips specific to your skin with Facialist Claire Robilliard from The Better Wellbeing System and book in for a Wellbeing Facial or watch her ‘how to cleanse’ video when you purchase a Cleansing Set.


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