I am interested to know what the expectations are of a facial appointment;

  1. Relaxation
  2. Results
  3. Transformation
  4. Improvement
  5. Quick Fix
  6. Breakouts

What is yours?

I have worked in city salons, spas and in high street retail seeing, treating and advising on skin and I threw all of this experience into the creation of the Wellbeing Facial. You might expect a very complex facial with all sorts of latest innovations incorporated when in actual fact it’s bout good quality, simplicity with the key being – application! It’s the one thing I picked up on time and again and that was using products incorrectly. Expectations might be that of a long list of recommendations of wonder formulas to buy when in fact I look at understanding your skin, teaching you how and when to adapt and how to apply your products effectively.

Clients buying products off the shelf has never been my main interest, commission on sales is of no interest to me either. What interests me is results and if you’re not seeing progress then I’ll explore why and find a solution.

Let me set out what your expectations should be when you invest in a course of Wellbeing Facials. You will enjoy relaxation as you are supported by warm water cushions and facial massage alleviates stress, tension, headaches and eye strain. You will see a response from your skin that is in line with what your skin needs whether that be brightening, hydrating, softening, smoothing, firming, mattifying etc,. A transformation can happen in as quick as 3 consecutive treatments, by the 6th your skin is re educated and easier to manage for yourself. You’ll notice immediate improvements in your skin but won’t be long-lasting until session 6. I have designed the facial to lessen skin breakouts as I do not overload the skin.

Expect results and enjoy your skin again with a Wellbeing Facial £45