I have been working with Shea Butter for years now and I still feel fascinated by it and learn new ways of using it to share with my clients. Over the last couple of weeks I have been melting it down from what looks like untrodden snow to a oily liquid – rich and creamy and when incorporated into a blend of other oils such as Sunflower, Olive, Wheatgerm, Arnica, St Johns Wort or perhaps Evening primrose Oil it stays melted with the warmth of the massage. Clients skin and my hands feel nourished, protected and healed as a result and then the remaining liquified mixture is delivered into another melting pot of Shea Butter to create a higher ratio of it which enables it to solidify naturally into a cream which is easier for the client to use at home.

Shea Butter Butyrospemum Parkii is its Latin name and the country of origin that I use is Burkina Faso and the quality is sublime – certified organic of course so absorption and acceptance from the skin is second to none!

It is often used to heal cracked skin so great for feet and lips but liquified with a synergistic blend of carrier oils you have what could be described as the best texture in a cream ever!

Shea Butter