On any subject I like to share my own personal experiences with you as they are real and not straight from the textbook!
As I’ve mentioned before no matter what diagnosis you may have received your body still interprets it in its own way and below is a treatment plan for a recent client that proves just that! A treatment plan is something I provide for every client as it is an insightful piece, which shares what I discovered through the massage and how I intend to work with you further should you wish to invest in your own wellbeing.
My client had not received massage for nearly 3 years prior to visiting me and this was the outcome;
‘I could really appreciate how much your body needed this massage there was a general sense of very tight and taut muscles and in places very tender. This kind of tension is restricting to your movement patterns and has reduced your fluidity and range of movement.
In your alignment you have a blend of two opposites occurring in your lower body is an over-arched lumbar spine yet in the mid to top spine you have a flat back posture where your spine does not follow the natural curves and I suspect this has happened naturally in response to your curve in the lower spine to balance yourself out you’ve pulled back into the upper spine to compensate, causing your ribcage to protrude in places.
This is your body’s interpretation of Scoliosis – despite the diagnosis of a condition your body will present its version. In most cases the cause of Scoliosis is unknown and often due to bone density being reduced.
This posture has put significant stress on your muscles surrounding your structure in particular your Erector Spinae (spine supporting muscle) and the muscles between your ribs (Intercostals).
My focus in future sessions would be to blend Aromatherapy oils that consider your muscle pain, digestion and balance your hormones to support the massage to significantly soften muscle tissue and ease the cover of connective tissue known as Fascia. This will result in reduced pain and will increase the potential in your body, increasing your freedom of movement.
We used Petitgrain from the twigs of the orange tree for a warm and comforting tone with Sandalwood to create a warm and ambient blend to ease your tension and prepare you for a good nights sleep!
After each session you will receive a cream or oil blend to use at home to expedite and support results between treatments.
I would suggest receiving fortnightly massages of 30 minutes for 3 months followed by ongoing 60 minute sessions for monthly maintenance as an ideal way of working towards great improvement for you’.
Considerable tension like this does not have to be accepted or tolerated. massage can help!
This particular client has committed to the plan and on just her second visit the muscles had eased significantly. I am really excited to see such progress and look forward to seeing much more!