Who can resist walking past a Rosemary bush and rubbing the needle-like leaves through your fingertips and inhaling!? I just can’t resist, well when you’re not outside and your at your desk working or studying then a bottle of its potent, captivating scent releases from the essential oil instead. After recently batching up some aromatherapy blends for The Massage Company I kept the bottles of Rosemary Essential Oil as sniffing oils on my bureau. What I love is that this oil has been in the press lately in a study whereby they diffused oils into 2 of the 3 rooms (one with Lavender, one with Rosemary and one with no scent. Volunteers were invited to take part in a trial for a vitamin drink. After time in the rooms they were then faced with some challenging tasks. As expected the Lavender volunteers under performed, no scent was middle ground while yes Rosemary topped the charts and showed the group excelling at the tasks over their peers.

Like many mums I’ve blamed a ‘mummy brain’ for forgetting information or not being on the ball but when it came to some recent study and subsequent tests that followed I chose to bring the oil to my nose before each question while on some occasions every second question and I passed with distinctions. I know the knowledge is in my head but its that relaying part that is occasionally delayed but bam! Those tests were a challenge in recall and in Maths and I passed them.

So next time you’re studying or working or perhaps pre-meeting inhale Rosemary, exhale, inhale Rosemary, exhale and then do your task and see what happens. You’ll love this fresh herbaceous scent that you’ll crave it everyday! Thank you to the herb Rosmrinus Officinalis for producing such a wonderful aroma.


Rosemary wakes up our central nervous system, improving our sense of smell, sense of sight and memory, focus and clarity, In addition use when suffering with a respiratory tract infection or are experiencing muscular pain. Improve your circulation flow for the body or scalp. If you’re feeling weak, drained of energy feel strong again with this oil.


Avoid in pregnancy however, great to ease painful periods due to its emmenagogic properties (consider Spearmint for mental clarity and focus instead). Avoid in Epilepsy as its stimulating properties may trigger a fit in some people (Marjoram is an alternative in this case).


Use in the bath, as a compress, in a rollerball, in the diffuser and request it in your next massage oil blend.

Oil Combinations 

Great synergies with Black Pepper, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Marjoram, combine with a drop of Peppermint to bring forth the smell of licorice!