Have we simply fallen into a pattern with skincare and got to the point where we don’t know exactly why we follow the routine we follow, perhaps we have never questioned it or maybe we are indoctrinated with this is what we do because well we just do!

I have challenged clients with not with much battle into considering a new way of working with their skin. The reason there has not been much battle is well..because…it just makes sense to them! Add to the theory this new way is simple, genuinely organic, quality formulas, smells amazing (naturally) and is quite simply a joy to put on your skin. What is there to battle about..?

I’m going to list below the facts about my range – The Better Skin Formula that if you like are my selling points or reasons to switch to my philosophy and then I’d like you to challenge me by telling me what you don’t like about it. (I’ll see then if I can improve on it even further).

  1. Bespoke – tailored formulas for your skins needs
  2. Formulas of 2-5 ingredients only
  3. Cleansing is the focus – to clean and prepare the skin
  4. 50/50 Serum is a light well absorbed moisturiser, an SPF may be required during the day
  5. Routine costs £78.75
  6. Combining Aromatherapy carrier and essential oils
  7. No water is added to the formula reducing the risk of bacteria
  8. Vitamin E preserves where necessary
  9. All oils are certified Organic/wild grown
  10. Tailored for all skin types
  11. How to videos and tips for great results provided
  12. Result-driven

Hear a wonderful video review from beauty blogger @HonestlyAine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZsaA_1Huho&feature=youtu.be

I’ve put up a picture testimonial after 3 weeks on my Cleansing Set alone!

Can’t wait to see more results, off to make another set!