You should find all your answers to questions you may have about The Better Wellbeing System regarding Bespoke Therapies, Better Fitness & The Better Skin Formula products however, do not hesitate to message us if you don’t find what you’re looking for! We have designed it in an interview style with both Claire & Sean to make for informative reading.

Q&A: Bespoke Therapies

What is unique about Bespoke Therapies?

It is important that you receive treatments tailored to your needs to ensure the very best outcome. Through consultation and observation I will identify what products and techniques should be applied to each individual and in what order to encourage their body and skin to repair, heal and improve progressively through every treatment.

How did you learn to tailor treatments?

I guess I was always intuitive and a little rebellious with my questioning mind. I was also highly motivated to achieve results and would do all I could to get them. Even when it involved breaking the rules by mixing up routines, using unique blends of Aromatherapy and dipping in and out of different product lines.

Why do you only offer massage treatments on the Hydrotherm system?

It is the only reciprocally beneficial massage system on the market designed with both Therapist and client in mind. The warmth of the water cushions and water filling provide support, ease, comfort and regulate body temperature throughout a session. Clients don’t have to turnover at any stage as I have access to the body 3-dimensionally and the client relaxes more effectively knowing their session will be uninterrupted. In addition clients can inhale aromas effectively without a blocked nose! For me it reduces strain on my own joints and posture and has given me a healthy career in massage since 1998, one I’m extremely grateful for.

Who is Hydrotherm Massage designed for?

This is one of the many reasons I like the system because I can say yes to massaging many clients, examples are those fitted with a colostomy bag, pregnant, sensitive to touch due to pain, scoliosis, too many to mention!

Is there anyone not suitable to Hydrotherm massage?

Yes because it is personal preference as the technique is not heavy handed and so there is a place for all types of massage but otherwise if you dislike heat therapy or suffer with extreme sea sickness you may not like the motion of flotation massage. The cushions are designed to take 22 stone in weight and so unfortunately Therapists are unable to treat clients above this weight. Always touch base as there may be alternative options for you.

Where can people go to receive a Bespoke Therapy with you?

Regular locations for me are Brighton, London & Norwich with occasional pop up clinics in other locations. Do get in touch to request a visit in a location near you. I love travelling!

What do you consider the benefits of massage to be?

In my experience I have witnessed the benefits as over and above relaxation time and time again, I’ve helped people who are emotionally stuck, suffering with grief or pain and have helped them to manage stress. I’ve even helped reduce symptoms of Arthritis, M.E. and improved confidence and self belief to make change and even to voice their opinions! When you set someone physically free, showing them their true potential in their range of movement they can achieve great things! Massage has become a necessity and not just a luxurious treat for us all, Therapists included!

Do you believe Pregnancy Massage is safe in all trimesters?

Yes I have received extra training and have even taught others to conduct safe and effective massage through all 3 trimesters. In the 40 weeks of pregnancy your body undergoes significant change both emotionally and physically and massage is a great way to support you during this time. A beautiful way to accept being pregnant if it is unplanned or to help you bond with your baby.

However, if you have Pre-Eclampsia, HELLP Syndrome or severe nausea no massage is recommended.

Do you conduct Pregnancy Massage on the Hydrotherm System?

Yes it is a very supportive way to massage a pregnant woman as it cushions your ever changing physique. It also allows you to lay upon your back and on most occasions avoid side-lying positions. Your back, knees and right hip will be raised for your comfort and to avoid pressure on your blood supply.

What products do you use within your Bespoke Therapies?

Bespoke of course! A blend of Aromatherapy oils that are Organic, Wild-Grown and Sustainable. All ingredients used within my Wellbeing Facial are formulated together by me.

What skin types is your Wellbeing Facial designed to help?

Truly any because all the ingredients I pull together within the facial are specifically for the person as an individual. I approach every skin type differently so just like my massage there is no set routines and products in any set order. I’m guided by what you tell me and what I observe and I tailor accordingly.

Q&A: The Better Skin Formula

Why are you passionate about skincare?

I am working with my strengths I love to massage, I love Aromatherapy, I love to see results and I love to help people. Skincare combines all of them together!

Why did you develop your own skincare range?

I began having a fascination with ingredients and began to ignore the name of the product or skin group it was catering for and it led to many a recommendation that took a cleanser from one range and a moisturiser from another and I got success for my clients this way. I had been blending Aromatherapy oils for 16 years before launching the range and realised I could bring this experience to home care. I delayed it due to the saturated market of the skincare industry but realised while my range was falling into a micro-niche it was essential for an audience of skin types particularly those that have invested so much yet still not seeing results.

I also believe that simple is better, naturally ranges are more potent with less ingredients in them, one of my criteria is to keep the formula to a maximum of 5 ingredients plus they’re all oil based except the 50/50 Spritzer and not watered down reducing the risk of bacterial growth too!

Do people have to visit one of your clinics to buy your skincare range?

The world has gone digital and so must I! You can complete an online consultation form, send 3 pictures of your skin and I will formulate your products from that, simple! If you can make it to a clinic then I still get you to complete an online consultation form enabling us to keep the focus on your treatment. I will follow up your Wellbeing Facial with a personalised prescription so you can request me to formulate products just for you! 

What ingredients do you seek within your skincare range?

My kit contains over 100 oils which I bring together in formulas to improve your own skin. They are all natural plant oils, Certified Organic or Wild-Grown and sustainable. I purchase oils from great companies which I know and trust and they keep me abreast of developments and warn me when oils show signs of not being sustainable. The Konjac Sponges are 100% natural and biodegradable while the Bamboo Cloths are 100% Organic and sustainable Bamboo fibre.

Which skin types does your range work with best?

There simply are no limits even oily skin types respond well to oils!

Why have you created a Skincare Subscription?

We all run our finances differently some like pay as you go others like to break it down into small chunks. There is an additional benefit that I formulate a bespoke product for you every month rather than every 2-3 months, while saving you £76.80 over the year and an additional 10% off other product or treatment purchases. I also liked the idea of being in touch every month and providing helpful tips to maximise your products.

Do I have to set up a standing order for the Skincare Subscription?

Yes, you make the initial joining fee and first month payment on this website via the shop and then set up a standing order for £48 on the 1st every month thereafter. We are running a small family business so we would appreciate 2 months notice to finish your subscription. I look forward to touching base with clients every month but to be able manage this service I have to limit it to 100 people.

Can people just buy products when they need them?


Many people buy products and leave them on their shelves what are your thoughts on this?

I know this happens and I guess marketing captures us at times but I think the real reason is simply not knowing how to use them. I made it my mission to go live on social media and write blogs on my website giving people access to this information not only to actually use the products they buy from me, but maximise them and most of all enjoy using them!

Many of your clients say that they have created a skincare ritual with your range, was this intentional?

Perhaps subtly yes! But I did not fully expect people to embrace the ritualistic approach of bringing such powerful plant oils into their morning and evening routines quite as much as they did! Clients talk of the way the aromas make them feel, that they look forward to their 5 minute ‘me’ time and even go the whole way including it into their bathing ritual extending wellbeing time. This very feedback is the very reason I had to be brave and bring my range to a saturated market!

Do you believe you can increase confidence through skincare?

I’ve seen it happen and its a beautiful sight! People judge by what they see, unintentionally they judge and in addition to that when our skin looks blotchy, feels uncomfortable to touch or has continual spots your confidence will be low, for some its mild for others its intense and will cause all sorts of social difficulties. I incorporate the aromas that help people feel uplifted in mood as well as to help their skin concerns this approach achieves dual-results.

You have chosen to base your skincare range on Aromatherapy, is smell important?

I’ll be honest it used to frustrate me when people would go straight into smelling a product as the top priority as I always rated the ingredients first. However, our noses are key in the process of smell as it hits our nerve endings at the olfactory bulb, sends a message all the way to the back of our heads at the limbic system, where the memory is stored and the response determined. Does it trigger a good or not so good memory and only then is our decision made! The aromas I unite together are built upon smells a person likes, their personality and the ailment or concern the blend is dealing with. Then I determine the ratio and strength of each oil within the formula which can transform a smell. Smell is vital to the greater impact that each product has on your skin, it offers wellbeing.

Q&A: Better Fitness

For years you and your partner Sean ran your wellbeing businesses separately, what made you unite his fitness services with your therapies and skincare?

Long overdue springs to mind! People used to comment on how aligned our work was but we simply hadn’t appreciated how everything would transform when we united our skills. We both highly respect each other’s work and would constantly recommend each other so when we took the plunge in 2017 to make it a family business we had even more fun and saw that we could bring a much greater impact to people we were interacting with helping them to move better, look and feel great!

How would you describe Sean’s approach to fitness?

It’s how we first met, at a gym, he did the best classes on the timetable! I always had fun, I felt and looked better too! I saw him blend his love of music to impact the moods of his class attendees and how he was keen to make his yoga so much more accessible to everyone and took the effort to set the scene to help people relax . His work is much more than fitness, it’s holistic fitness as you feel de-stressed, you have fun and you feel stronger.

What is it like to have a better fitness session with Sean on FaceTime?

We discuss this subject of going digital all the time you see our professions have always meant we see people on a 1 to 1 basis or small group format but as well as this leap in technology we also wanted to have platforms to share knowledge accessibly with more people so the timing was perfect! Instead of putting a DVD in the player you schedule a bespoke session with Sean, simple!

There are many approaches to fitness and nutrition how do I know Sean’s Better Fitness methods and approaches are for me?

As with everything under The Better Wellbeing System its bespoke! However, to get a feel for the way Sean has interpreted his time in the fitness and wellbeing industry take the time to read the blogs on his Better Fitness blog page on this very site with his exercise routine of the week feature.w