What people say

Claire is an amazing therapist. Her ability to connect with her clients and really treat them as individuals is second to none.

I don’t think I could live without my monthly massage. Claire’s ability to listen and conjure the right mix of oils is amazing!

I originally started to visit as a way to help me through the menopause, which is a helping enormously, but recently Claire has helped me to manage my grief after the sudden passing of my mother. I fondly call her my alchemist.

After 20 years of arthritic pain and 2 years of severe back pain I thank my lucky stars every day that I met Claire a few months ago. After the first massage I felt what it was like to be normal, in no pain, it was quite an overwhelming sensation!

Claire is a wonderful massage therapist who has supported me in the last trimester of my pregnancy. The highlight of every week is my massage with Claire!

I had the most relaxing and informative facial with Claire. She diagnosed my skin down to a T and used really lovely organic products which left my skin nourished and glowing.

I love my massages and facials with Claire. I have seen a marked decrease in my pain levels and an increase in mobility. I have also had a number of facials which have calmed my easily irritated and sensitive skin and which have resulted in others commenting on how great my skin looks.

I am enjoying the compliments about my skin since enjoying a Wellbeing Facial course, thanks Claire!

I had a great facial done by Claire: I liked that she described along the way what she was doing to my face and why, it made me feel involved and fully part of the process. My skin is usually very sensitive and I also suffer from rosacea so I was quite impressed that Claire managed to do so much without me turning red or feeling uncomfortable; that is definitely a tribute to her skills.

I care a lot about organic, chemical-free and natural products and I was happy with all that Claire used on my skin. I found Claire was really professional and you can tell she is passionate about what she does. I will definitely come back and send friends & family to see her.

Can’t recommend Claire enough, her hydrotherm massages are not just healing for the body but also for the soul. You come away feeling lighter physically and emotionally and you really understand the importance of taking care of yourself. You really are in healing hands and with a therapist who cares about each individual she meets; their story, their feelings and their body. Thank you so much Claire

My skin was not feeling good and I needed a facial desperately but was too busy! What a superb experience. My skin is much better and routine has also improved as a result.

Claire is highly skilled in delivering the treatment with the welcome addition of organic essential oils. Her empathy, intuition, experience, and attention to detail with clients doesn’t go unnoticed.

I’ve had two of Claire’s services now: an incredible facial where she used particular oils to calm down a skin reaction I’d had and left my rough skin feeling silky smooth
Yesterday and today was the first morning in months when I’ve woken up without backache which is usually so bad I find myself almost breathless! Already feeling like a new woman!!!

I felt amazing after the last session… Re-energised,  fluid and balanced.

Thank you so much for the amazing massage and oils yesterday. I slept beautifully and feel great today!