Pregnancy therapies

Hydrotherm massage is safe during all stages of pregnancy and will keep you calm in the time leading up to becoming pregnant and ease post-contraction discomfort following the birth of your baby. Claire appreciates the very changes your experiencing in all three trimesters first hand but also through her experience of massaging pregnant women in her clinics.

Areas where Claire can support you through each trimester are;
Trimester 1 (0-12 weeks)

Emotions around falling pregnant whether planned or unplanned and getting a connection with your baby and being in the moment. Fatigue and nausea – Aromatherapy blends will be integral at this stage.

Trimester 2 (12-24 weeks)

Visible physical changes as your baby grows and getting used to baby movements. Fatigue and nausea tend to ease off for some so we work in the ʻbloomingʼ phase and maximise those feelings while others will need further support especially in second pregnancies onwards as the fatigue can last throughout. Broad Ligament Pain causing pain into the buttocks is often experienced at this stage.

Trimester 3 (24-40 weeks)

Braxton Hicks can be frustrating for some as these are false labour signs and expel alot of mental energy as you realise its a false alarm! Further physical changes and it is harder to move around, becoming breathless more easily and often a second phase of fatigue. Leg Oedema – massage therapists are able to treat non-pitting Oedema. Round Ligament Pain causing pain into the groin and thigh is common in this last trimester.

Massage is valuable while pregnant

Mindful massage movements, breathing exercises and taking time to focus on yourself and your baby for an exclusive time is incredibly valuable to truly connect with this magical time.

Claire is running exclusive clinics in Brighton and Chelsea, London for pregnant women. Sessions last 75 minutes and cost £85 (include cream/oil blends as well as your massage).