My recent newsletter tip was quite the stop sign as this very title! I hope it gets your attention if you are an avid fan of scrubbing with salts, kernels and glycolics!

Why such a firm statement you may wonder, well let me softly explain my reasons why…

Firstly, I need to pose a question: did you know that your skin actually exfoliates itself? You may have heard that horrible story about getting in a lift and that by the time you’ve got to your floor you’ve inhaled the persons dead skin cells in front of you! That’s pretty extreme and inaccurate but your skin does shed dead skin cells from the ‘horny’ layer of your skin – the Stratum Corneum every 28-42 days depending on the rate of cell turnover you have usually determined by our age, things get a little slower as we age! Nonetheless, the body is clever and is very capable of looking after itself. However, pollution, free-radicals, make-up & fake tanning have meant that we need to give our skin a helping hand in the exfoliation stakes, preventing a build up and subsequent clogging of the skin.

This kind of build up leads to a dull complexion, uneven texture and colour of our skin. Hence reaching for exfoliators to remove the evidence revealing a ‘glow’, a ‘clear smooth’ complexion and skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Now fast forward and imagine scratching your skin everyday, twice a week, once a week however often you apply and stop and think about your skin for a moment as it becomes worn down, weak, thin, loss of tone, sensitive, dry, does this sound familiar to you..? Yet all these symptoms seem to lead us to exfoliate again for a quick fix!

I have witnessed photo evidence of superficial tears in the skin due to exfoliation and I have even helped to repair skin that is suffering from Rosacea as a result of too many chemical peels.

Can I just highlight here that chemical or glycolic peels, or any ‘liquid’ exfoliant acts by dissolving the intercellular glue that unites your skin cells to enable your skin cells to shift and shed in that moment. These are the most unpredictable methods of peeling available and often left far longer than they should, leading to over-treatment and subsequent sensitivity.

In answer to your looming question, ‘Should I ever exfoliate again?’ Well the answer is yes but only every now and then, use your intuition, for example if you’ve worn layers of sunscreen on holiday or slept in your make-up one too many times then definitely. Don’t make a routine of it, just use it as a booster to your skin.

‘What kind of exfoliators should I use?’ Ideally non-product versions such as Dry Body Brushing on the body only, often made from Sisal (type of cacti) bristles. For the face use Bamboo or Cotton cloths and/or Konjac Sponges to buff the skin rather than rub and scrub. Both of these techniques for the face and body really do activate a healthy blood flow and help skin function, while smoothing your skin gently in the short term. Massage alone is an incredible boost to the skins vibrancy.

Look out for my next video on this very subject on You Tube

Glow with health and enjoy a strong, resilient and healthy skin as a result of making these changes!