This week I spent one of the days, the whole day treating clients in pain one after the other, after the other! It’s not surprising or new to me to treat people in pain but on this particular day it was every client! The level of pain I was treating was at the high, uncomfortable, ‘ouch’ stage and in all cases they had not experienced a massage for a long time and I mean years not months!

The first client was in emotional pain and the stress on the muscles around the chest/heart/throat/neck were solid! Next a client with severe shoulder wincing and as I located trigger point after trigger point the culprit was the jaw following dentistry work! Next a previous dancer with leg muscles to put a taut elastic band to test! Then a chap who is carrying the world on his head, neck & shoulders wo needed significant ease from the aches to get a decent nights sleep. Next I see a lady with the discomfort of Costachondritis combined with work and life tension that sends her posture off to one side, bringing her back in alignment before she leaves the couch is enough to hear her let out a thankful, somewhat blissful and relieved sigh. Lastly, a lady with Lumbar Lordosis with twists and turns in her body that needed a reminder of how to be along with a rigid Erector Spinae muscle that would give a plank of wood a run for its money! I love nothing more than to know those clients came and saw me that day I was glad to help but, how does time fly so quick without us noticing the pain sooner?

My answer in short is, when we ignore pain we accept it and we become numb to it. A year passes and we forget what it was like to be without it and so we think its normal, and think nothing of it!

On my quest to prove the switch from luxury to necessity for massage in our lives, this kind of proves it in one specific way. There is a problem with this type of client and that is that, if they can leave it that long once they can do it again! But, it can also go the other way and be so pivotal that something in you decides you have to do this more often.

Now, is it up to me to encourage you to rebook or do you make decisions on wellbeing with less urgency compared to the rest of the list of things to pay?

Only you have the answer to this but, my intentions under The Better Wellbeing System is to guide you, give you the knowledge, give you the plan, give you the what, why and how and reward you with a discount for taking the leap of faith to let me look after your wellbeing.

Seek out some pain relief today and feel better, you do deserve it!