Recently I joined the team at The Massage Company as Training and Product Development manager. A role I saw as a wonderful way to support my own mission statement that massage is a necessity and not just a luxurious treat!.

My many years in the beauty industry have exposed me to a wide variety of product choices available for massage and in those years I’ve had favourites but, the most distinctive were Aromatherapy, but not just any range!

There are two ends of the scale in Aromatherapy; one being the ‘smells nice’ aroma concoction and at the other end; food grade certified organic. My massaging hands are using the latter!

Why is certified organic so important, after all isn’t it just another fad in the food and beauty industry? Actually, it’s not a fad and should actually be a basic request and we should choose the option when it is made accessible because it delivers quality and results! The synergy has to be right and here is my criteria;

  1. It smells amazing
  2. It absorbs – readily accepted by the skin with a non-greasey after feel
  3. The aroma should evolve as the massage progresses
  4. The aroma impacts the desired effect on the olfactory process and the subsequent response by the body meets the criteria of Tension Relief, Motivation, Calm & Relax and supportive during pregnancy with a Maternity blend.
  5. That there are ongoing results felt by the customer after they leave the massage room.

Quality and results are the ultimate expectations of any beauty treatment yet in massage at times the focus is more on the touch and less on the product. But if you can experience the power of touch using a certified organic product then surely we would choose it, yes! If it can smell amazing and be result driven then again we would select it right!

At The Massage Company I was invited to create four outstanding blends that would deliver clear outcomes. I didn’t want to be extravagant without justification of why I’d chosen each essential and carrier oil.

Join me in my next blog as I share the story behind the first blend – Tension Relief.