Why do all of my clients receive a personalised oil blend to take home? Firstly, I always make too much and I wouldn’t want to see it wasted. Secondly, because I believe in the power of oils on memory.

It seems simplistic to say that our sense of smell is as powerful as a memory but when you consider two senses out of one being stimulated (smell and sight) it starts to make sense, now add a third – touch via massage, now add a fourth – sound via music. Suddenly it’s not airy fairy hippy speak anymore!

Breathing in your aroma is actually more powerful than the blend being applied to your skin as your olfactory process takes hold of it from first sniff and carries it into your bloodstream where the effect strengthens. As long as good quality oils are used such as the certified food grade organic quality found at NHR Organic Oils (in Brighton) then you can also increase absorption through the skin.

There is still controversy surrounding the absorption process as the skin is naturally a protecting organ. Though if the skin cells receptors like what they sense they will allow it into the skin cell. Hence why the carrier oil is as important as the essential aroma to improve skin condition whether it be dry, oily, sensitive or otherwise.

How you go on to use your blend at home will vary for some applying it neat is suitable, for others they will choose to add it into a shower gel, body cream or add to the bath but perhaps it is best applied to a pulse point to help you through the day!

Enjoy your blend and the extra results that can be brought to you even if only to remind you of your relaxing experience as that is calming in itself.