When better to blog than following a massage! A massage therapist having a massage is essential and certainly as the creator of The Better Wellbeing System, one must look after their wellbeing! How many of us practice what we preach..? I had one slight excuse and that is that until late last year Hydrotherm wasn’t accessible to me because I was the one offering the treatment in the area and now I have personally trained 4! I believe, that to be genuinely good at something you have to stay aware and in the arena of massage, wellbeing and de-stressing as my chosen career field I had to remember how it really feels. To lay supine on warm water cushions while being massaged with Aromatherapy and knowledgeable hands that intuitively work my muscles into softer versions of themselves is such a wonderful experience. It may seem like a ‘jolly’ to book in for a massage but actually the results of my massage aside from the obvious followed a very productive afternoon tapping away at my computer, a rare opportunity amongst massaging.

clinic hydro

I have been in the beauty business since 1996 and in this role as a developer of my own way of working I seek clients that really want to make a difference in their wellbeing. I don’t wish to treat those that get ridiculously stressed and tangled, and ask for me to quick fix it when they get round to booking in! I spend time formulating a treatment plan, I create a synergistic blend of oils to massage a client before creating a take home cream to carry on using at home. Every treatment evolves and is led by what the person needs, my hands have gained some intuition over the years and they just know where to go leading to achieving some fantastic results for people. Bottom line is I care about what I do because I was put on this planet to make a positive difference and I take a challenge seriously!

So, why the title – Nutritional Massage because after my own experience of massage today I realise it feeds the soul, I am aware of my body, how it feels, what it needs and I respect my being once again. The inspiration for this blog is also with respect to the lady that massaged me today – Jennifer Hadley from Nutrition Norfolk who combined smoothies, nutritional advice and a massage that focussed on my body systems left feeling energised and grateful. Click on www.nutritionnorfolk.co.uk to learn more and get in touch #inspired