In the very words of Anita Roddick I am going to claim this year ahead with doing things in the way I believe they should be done. This is not some sort of rebellion, or ‘different for being the sake of different’ statement. It’s about making a fully aware¬†choice to share, impart and build upon what experiences I have. Being more vocal in sharing the passion for what I do so as to benefit more people.

In memory of Anita she believed that what you do in business and in civil society are on equal paths and I agree. In very obvious ways I have been working with a conscience for some years, from being honest with client recommendations for treatment and product, through to using organic and sustainable product within my service. This year will be no different, I’m just going to be a bit braver in doing it!

I have emptied my new year thoughts across an A2 page, a great exercise for clarity and to see my journey ahead. I am a mother to three children so I know there will be adaptations, twists, turns, bumps and unexpected opportunities along the journey but I have more strategy this time. Strategy prior to this moment seemed like tunnel-vision for me and so I avoided it for the fear of becoming ruthless. But my Nana among many will keep my awareness alerted.

I held my Nana Joanna’s hands yesterday to calm her unease with advancing Alzeimers and it was another moment. Normally I can look into her meaningfully sparkly eyes and see my Nana before Alzeimers took hold of her, but this time she could barely open her eyes and when they did they were red, sore and frustrating her. Her hands showed bony eminences. She enriched me still and I wanted to stay with her forever I didn’t want to leave her side. I wanted to mute the sounds around her from other patients and let the focus just be on her. So I read to her and talked clearly through the noises ‘Wherever you are my love will find you’ By Nancy Tillman, she (my Nana) cracks a joke in the middle of the story ( a bit rude for me to utter here but a funny cheeky moment nonetheless) and then tells me that some of the words are beautiful and others are horrible. Thank you Nana for sharing this moment with me, avoiding ruthlessness and keeping my heart wide open.

What I love is that now I glance back at my A2 strategy notes it’s all heart-led and I look forward to sharing with you this very year!