There’s a saying from my favourite business coaching company Dent Global who say constantly ‘You are already standing on a mountain of value’ and with it being Throwback Thursday today I thought it apt to reflect back over chunks of my career and to keep building up the picture for you every Thursday. It is important to sneak behind the scenes of a brand you are choosing to invest in and so in this instance you can see what experiences have led me to work the way I work today and how I came to create a skincare range called; The Better Skin Formula.

In skincare I started out with no appreciation for ingredients, in my first year of college we were given generic products to conduct treatments with and we went through the motions. In my second year everything changed! The college invested in a professional line and I began to truly see how not only various ingredients had certain effects on the skin but that textures mattered, as did true skin diagnosis to make the very best choices for clients. On reflection I feel so lucky to have been introduced early on in my career to the power of seeking good quality effective skincare.

In the 2 year patch after leaving college and in my very first job as a full time Beauty Therapist for a high street salon the focus switched to selling, suddenly it began to not matter about the ingredients again as I tried to please my boss with good sales. But, I had integrity and made sure I knew the products inside out as if I were to be retailing I would retail well and according to skincare needs. I became the best retailer in the area for a Tea Tree oil company and soon after my boss invested in me to attend an Aromatherapy course. The next 9 months of ITEC training ignited a passion for ingredients that was now being met. Little did I know that those 40 oils I first learned would become 150 and that’s just the essential oil! The base oils of Almond & Grapeseed catapulted me to Brocolli, Sandalwood Nut, Blacurrant Seed & Camellia oil that I use in my skincare formulations today.

In the 6 years I was with this company I worked with Dermalogica, Mary Cohr & Aveda before I was flown over to Guernsey by a salon who had premises in both London and in the Channel Islands where I helped to set up a skincare clinic with skincare results at the forefront. Suddenly the importance of mineral sunscreens and facial techniques were the foundation of our work. This advance in knowledge is what I tried to bring back to the place I called home – Norfolk. It was too advanced for the location, it simply wasn’t ready as clients still sought the basics of massage, nails & tanning and I wanted to bring skincare results to my client base. I even tried moving from the outskirts of the city to the centre but it was just too advanced.

It was then that while reading my monthly issue of Professional Beauty that I saw an advert for a trainer working with an American skincare brand – Pevonia Botanica and I felt excited, applied for the role and I was immersed in my dream. It was my job to know all about the products because I had to teach others, I was responsible for the MSDS sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets) for every product in the range, around 250 at the time! If I didn’t know what an ingredient did I researched it. I was constantly learning and learning through teaching too! I was part of a team that pulled together to build the awareness of the brand, working with PR, sponsoring Professional Beauty events & World Music Awards. I was flown to Daytona Beach, Florida to learn from the founder Sylvia Hennessy, my boss at the time said ‘You want to be the next Sylvie Hennessy don’t you!’ My enthusiasm was on my sleeve, I was a sponge and I wanted to represent Sylvie’s brand back in the UK as true to her words as I could possibly make it. This was a company where products were designed to stay and when new products were launched it was for a need and never just to be in vogue. I still recommend Pevonia’s Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30 today (10 years on!) I took this knowledge and taught Therapist after Therapist in salons, spas & retreats across the UK, Ireland & Europe. My role as a Trainer for Pevonia Botanica is one I look back on with such fondness, it taught me so much. I only stepped down from the role when I started a family and travelling round was not as practical as it once was but, I got to train the trainers before I left enabling me to leave a mark on a company that did so much for me.

I grew my family to 3 children in just 5 years and I like many mums thought I’d rode the wave in my career. My enthusiasm and sheer joy for what I do was captured again when Liz Earle Skincare came to town and opportunities arose part-time in John Lewis. It would be the first time in my career that I’d be on the high street retailing to volumes of people. In the first month of opening we were top of the charts, the infamous Cleanse & Polish had legs as customer after customer took it from the shelf every day. The only times we lost the top spot was when another brand was on ‘gift with purchase’. Working with a brand with such awareness, such a cult following and with such loyalty was an incredible feeling and made me very proud to be an ambassador. After travelling and training on the Isle of Wight and further training ‘up North’ and in London I was fully equipped to unpack the products for customers, showing existing customers how to maximise their favourite products, sharing ingredient knowledge and lots of ‘how to’ tips (my favourite part of what I do now). Their Sheer Skin Tint SPF15 in Bare is my absolute go to make-up product still 4 years on!
Liz Earle had a team of experts surrounding her own incredible knowledge, a botanist, perfumer and make-up artists. Again my brain sponge was in full activation and in the end it actually brought me back round to the roots of my career and that need to return to treatments.

I focused purely on massage with Aromatherapy and gave the blends of oils for customers to take home. It wasn’t long before I was being asked to create various products for clients. I’d started something here that I wanted to replicate in another location. It’s been said many times that I like a challenge so I spent the next 11 months commuting 348 miles every week to build a client base from scratch with my very own business brand – The Better Wellbeing System. My concepts were so well received in Brighton and so fitting for the area where people spend time creating wellbeing care for themselves and others. Next step was relocation as a family of 5, enough said!

I really enjoyed growing my business in Brighton over 18 months, introducing Facials and all the while taking the now short hop to London to grow a clinic there too. It was in January 2017 that I took what I saw to be a brave step and launch my own range. It was fast-tracked after I went into a product concept store and was initially asked what I was looking for and after stating I love oils was sold the next best product (with no oil in it I might add!) and not only one but 4 products were suggested to me! The sales pitch was so direct and cold that even my son was yanking me out of the shop.
It was in that moment I made the decision to go live with my ideas, my concepts in skincare wellbeing and to share my experience of working with skin. Today you can enjoy products from my line – The Better Skin Formula. Each and every product is designed bespoke, yes truly, every ingredient is put together to create products that work with the many facets of your skin to achieve results, I even write your name on the label! Every ingredient is an Aromatherapy oil which is plant-based, organic and wild-grown. It will turn your skincare routine into a sensory ritual as every aroma combination releases a smile or a happy memory. See your skin transform in the first step with the focus being Cleansing to repair and balance your skin so that you can simply apply a light Serum to finish.
Skincare is above and beyond the product itself so I will armour you with knowledge to understand the ingredients within your products and how to apply the products best. I will release knowledge in all manner of formats to meet your preferred way of learning from blogs to videos to quick tips and more!

This is a blog that has channeled in on one aspect of my career for you to better understand my background do feel free to ask me further questions and if you wish to learn more about my skincare range then just get in touch. I create products for people all round the world so we can set up a Skype or Messenger consultation and I’ll get on with formulating your products to enjoy Better Skin wellbeing!