When you say you’re going to massage someone 3 dimensionally while laying upon warm water cushions, while laying face up with no turning over there’s a number of curious responses!

How do you massage my back?

What kind of pressure will I feel – light or deep tissue?

How, how, how?

This is when an event is in order to have an ‘open door’ policy and let people see it in person. When you see the Hydrotherm system you can’t help but touch them, enjoy the warmth and the natural ripples of water in the cushions. Then you lay upon them and it can only be described as getting into a dry bath as your muscle aches immediately dissipate and relaxation sets in so promptly. Then the massage begins – there is no set routine every treatment experience with me is different there are no robotic procedures. My intuitive touch knows where to go!

Hydrotherm was designed for the Therapist to stop them putting pressure on their own joints and backs and yet the uses for the system are phenomenal;

No face holes & cricked necks

No arms dangling down the side of the couch

No turning over, no disruption to your treatment

Body temperature kept comfortable and warm

Cushions mould to your figure

Pressure is determined by you not the Therapist

The supine system is designed to treat everyone with small adaptations to treatment where required. I treat women through all stages of pregnancy and those with Cancer. It is ideal for those that dislike or who are unable to lay on their front or less mobile.

In addition to the system I personalise an Aromatherapy blend for each client that you also get to take home along with Reflexology and Acupressure when needed.

Demonstrations are complimentary so curb your curiosity and try it for yourself!