Along with my many missions this year of showing that massage is a necessity and not just a luxurious treat, writing a book to help people with a flat back posture. I am also now looking to ‘spread the word’ on massage during pregnancy.

John Holman the creator of the Hydrotherm system wrote the following text and it sums up the need for massage during this time.

Touch in its many forms brings about solace and relief of aches, pains and stiffness and gives emotional support and reassurance. A knowledgeable and well guided hand will make massage during pregnancy both beneficial and relaxing towards the birthing experience.

Pregnancy Massage is not new and many enjoy the experience but often Therapists will not treat you during the first trimester. When you do receive massage your options are to lay hunched over a couch while you sit in a chair, on your side, or on a beanbag.

Every Therapist trained in Massage During Pregnancy with the Hydrotherm System is taught to treat through all stages of pregnancy. Often in the first trimester you are experiencing emotional feelings and towards the end of that trimester will start to grow a visible bump. Some will experience aches and pains, perhaps Broad or Round Ligament Pain. So, to be denied massage in the first 3 months of your journey is somewhat unfair!

In addition to treating you through all stages of pregnancy, you will lay on your back (hooray I hear you say!) supported by two warm water cushions that support the contours of your body giving you immediate dissipation of any pain, your knees are raised from beginning to end, your head is raised to a height suitable for you and you are then massaged 3-dimensionally with no need to turn over! (Bliss eh!)

To further your experience I formulate a blend of Aromatherapy oils to use during the treatment and for you to take home and enjoy using at home! This is another subject I will discuss next in my blogs to give you the confidence to enjoy these beautiful oils throughout your pregnancy.

I’m a mum to 3 (all 3 still enjoy massage!) and the system has over 20 years experience of treating women during all stages of pregnancy.

So, enjoy feeling energised in those early fatigue stages of the first trimester, ease Broad & Round Ligament Pain and expand your breathing potential as the baby grows.

You can enjoy 75 minutes with Claire for £85 including oils to have at home and a Wellbeing Treatment Plan. Shorter sessions also available.