I’m going to explain the benefits of massage and some might surprise you!

‘I apologise if I fall asleep!’

‘I’ve not been sleeping well recently’

These are regular sayings from clients I treat in the clinic, there’s a very apologetic tone in them to as they worry about missing the massage experience because they’re so exhausted. I’ve always taken it as a compliment if someone feels at ease enough to fall asleep but yes there is a sense of missing the other benefits massage brings!

I’ve been singing from the rooftops for some years now about the acknowledgement massage needs, to be recognised as a necessity and not just a luxurious treat! The sleeping during a massage comment came in again today while at a meeting in London. I’m sure clients don’t mean to book in for a nap but they’re so exhausted their body falls in and out of sleep. I remember one of my very first male clients some 23 years ago who fell asleep within minutes and I always did wonder if I could step out of the treatment, come back in an hour and wake him up but my professionalism was at the forefront as I picked up that he suffered from anxiety. Very early on in my career I had intuition that has become stronger and more in tune as the years clocked on my career.

intuition – the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

For many years I have worked with intuition unconsciously and in recent years I have begun to work consciously with it and I am so pleased I have credited it with such consciousness as it has shown me the true benefits of massage and if we take the time to book ourselves in regularly we to will be conscious of the impact a massage has on us without the exhausted nap when we only book it in occasionally!

Here is my list of benefits to massage;

When emotionally stuck massage will release the physical barriers that have built up allowing you to shift through your emotions.

Helps you to deal with grief, anxiety and stress by reducing the physical resistance in your body that holds tension related to these triggers.

Enables focus and clarity to occur, helping you to make decisions.

Increases your range of motion and fluidity.

Makes you feel light and free, increasing your energy.

Improves productivity and concentration.

Inspires ideas as you de clutter your mind.

Helps you to deal with change, this can be a physical change such as pregnancy or changes in your situation or place of work.

Initiates self love, self awareness and triggers you to make positive choices in your lifestyle.

Creates an opportunity to pause and reset helping you to feel recharged.

Builds awareness around what causes your stress and discomfort.

You increase your awareness in your posture and alignment and notice how that affects the way you move.

I could fill this blog with many more examples of what a career in massage can actually bring to the world. When you witness the shifts, the changes, the awareness and the improvements it truly is a joy. I implore you to consider this when experiencing your next massage as a client or as a Therapist. It will transform the way you receive massage, give massage and your respect for massage will soar!