This year’s Brighton Marathon 2016 was epic! Witnessing courage, stamina and determination of so many runners who achieved the 26 mile challenge and what was special is that I was able to support a few of them with a well deserved massage for those that had chosen to run for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

I have been part of a few events in my massage years but there is something to be said of the atmosphere of a fitness challenge where so many will people to keep up the pace and get across the finish line. In the charity tent many entered so emotional at their achievement and their families so moved after all the practice they put in, it was so heart warming!

So, I spent the afternoon massaging calves focussing on the Triceps Surae group of 3 muscles – Plantaris, Soleus & Gastrocnemius essentially to prevent ceasing up of muscles. For others I had to stretch out runners arms and for one guy ease the shock and regulate body temperature with the warmth of the Hydrotherm system.

Well done to all those who took part you are an inspiration! Here’s to the next challenge!