Why wait for 2017 I utter inside as I for the first time am going to be more strategic with the year that follows and as one of my amazing coaches shares in his latest email

…begin to start mapping out your 2017 now, because you can happen to 2017 or 2017 can happen to you. What will you decide?

Raghav Parkash – Peak Performance Coach

His words, FB lives and emails always capture a moment that I am experiencing but it wasn’t until this day, in fact this evening that I might just have acknowledged one small step towards my why. What is my purpose..? In truth it starts right here with my writing. Language is something I have always loved from the teenage years of a ‘Dear Diary…’ to a modern day blog/vlog, with a self-published book in the middle.

If I re-read what I just wrote about loving to write, yet when did I last do it..! I’m not alone here right..? How many of us follow our gut, do what we think we should do and end up losing sight of what we love? I’d like to think that I’ve broken the silence tonight as I type but what will keep me writing every thing I believe in writing…ME of course!

I’d like to use this platform to share with you what I truly want to be doing and trust me it will evolve but I am going to share the journey. This website so far has been dedicated to ingredients and massage and now it will reflect an authentic journey of a business that is going to make a difference.

Here is my mission, a simple blend of what I do in my work with a view to making it have a global reach!

I’m blending my passion for plant oils with my mission to have an impact on the health and wellbeing of communities around the world.

I had a vision as a teenager that somehow I could make a difference in the world and I’ve discovered a way and it’s something I’ve been mastering my whole career in the wellbeing sector. Through writing, workshops, public speaking and field trips I shall be visiting communities worldwide to help them explore the plants around them to support their wellbeing health.
An exciting vision right yet I allowed my lack of belief in capability stand in the way but tonight I crush this limiting belief of mine and shake it up. The world is ready for some more change in the right direction with community – wellbeing – education at the forefront!
Enjoy the journey! I’m looking forward to it!