For years I have been holding on to my idea for a skincare range all because I didn’t know if the skincare world needed another brand, another choice in the confusion of the aisles and the google searches.

This week I went live with the first product within my growing range and I haven’t just put out into the ether just another range. I have kept it bespoke. Bespoke blending is what I’ve always done, it’s what my clients love when they take a blend home with them after a massage or a facial. When they go on to use it at home they know it was made for them, their needs and for their ultimate results.

How am I going to keep it bespoke?

Well, it’s going to be hard work but I believe it’s worth the effort and your skin deserves it! After your purchase we will arrange a consultation in person or over Skype, even when you re-purchase we will touch base again to ensure your results are continuous.

Enjoy great skin!