Bringing a flash of gold straight from the earths dust. It tints our roast potatoes when we add it to the water to boil pre roasting and our rice dishes too!

In our skins health it restores the quality of our largest organ and internally it reduces inflammation and pain, its anti most things in a positive way; anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and is pro-immunity, memory enhancing, reduces cholesterol, detoxification and wound healing. Not only does it offer all these but it goes over and above our expectations to repair damage that has already occurred in our cellular DNA, our Liver, our gut flora and any plaque build up in our arteries.

Aaarrrgghhh Claire tell us what plant this is..! Maybe you’ve guessed already especially if you are aware of two papers written and published back in both 2003 & 10 years later in 2013 then you’ll know its Turmeric – a root from within the Ginger family and a gem from India.

Id like to step away from the bright colour for a moment, you know the one that stains your fingers! That’s just one of its compounds – Curcumin because I want you very early on to appreciate there’s a further couple of hundred compounds in this dusty root in fact 235 to be precise grouped under the term Turmerones. These enhance some of the benefits mentioned above but they are also supportive in helping us to digest the root in the first place to allow it to get to work and without them your results will be dissatisfying.

What’s hard is to source the root in its whole form yet household name Pukka Herbs have done it, research and science have brought a special extraction process to the world of herbal supplements ensuring ‘the same blue print as the raw root of Turmeric itself’.

Now topically I have utilised the extracted oil to relieve pain with its anti-inflammatory effects particularly for those with Arthritis. My Aromatherapy blending skills often find me reaching for synergistic oils such as Black Pepper and Ginger mimicking the supplement as best as I can above and have done for a few years now in fact I created a balm with it too encompassing Arnica within Shea Butter.

Its always reassuring when you’ve studied a subject, go on to use it intuitively and then revisit the research to find it still matches up. Though Pukka Herbs reach for Long Pepper and a blend of nutritional seaweeds. Its so easy to fall for what smells good in our world of plant oils rather than creating personal blends for individuals but when you do go bespoke you bring an element of personalisation that secures results.

So, back to this pot of gold for a moment. There’s always the thought patterns of; Is drinking a Turmeric Tea enough? Is adding the powdered form to your food enough? Is having a massage with the oil of Turmeric enough? The truth i all these are great options and will have an effect. I believe what is important to highlight here is the quality and therefore the processes taken to extract it as well as the dosage for your needs. These optimum levels mean that your experience with turmeric will be noticed and you wont be indifferent to it.

Naturally we may also wonder if we can overdose on it, get the right dose internally like Pukka Herbs have created and enhance it with cups of tea to aid digestion and liver care, add a sprinkle in your food to enhance colour and flavour and apply the oil to specific areas of pain or inflammation when you need to. We are all individuals and our needs are different but have a good base and work from there.

I’m often asked with wonder oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense and now Turmeric whether we can ingest the essential oil. The answer is no and fellow enthusiast Nuala The English Aromatherapist writes widely around the subject. Its down to dosage what it takes to extract a ml of oil from a plant you’d probably never be able to eat that quantity in your lifetime! The essential oils are harnessed rather than depleted in the extraction process at Pukka Herbs and is safe to ingest.

If you wish to start creating blends for skincare or massage blends using Turmeric then you’ll find the Aromatherapy tool LabAroma a pleasure to use. Plus, founder Colleen opens you up to the world of blending chemical compounds as well as beautifully smelling and effective synergies of oils.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of Turmeric internally then head over to Pukka Herbs as Master Herbsmith Sebastian Pole has created a family of products and to find the right one for you visit a stockist a discover your bespoke recommendations.

Enjoy this magical root in all its glory!