Beauty Blogger @HonestlyAine saw these fantastic skincare results on her own skin as a result of incorporating Tea Tree within the bespoke skincare products I created for her.

Now it’s fair to say I do work differently with my approach to treatments and products is no exception. Out of pure curiosity I dabble with ideas and theories and when I did just that with Tea Tree (an ingredient I have long respected) I saw incredible shifts in very stubborn skin with Eczema.

The approach to Eczema by both the general public and skincare companies is a cautious one, products are often neutral with no scent and with no exciting claims made. Occasionally you see a range solely focus on Eczema prone skin yet not considering the diverse types of Eczema and individual needs and still using the more soothing elements of the ingredient spectrum.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is native to Australia and even this one ingredient presenting in many varieties with Lemon Tea Tree of most interest currently. It’s ability to be 5x more effective than a hospital disinfectant should have ears pricking up all over the place. A First Aid kit essential in World War II and a medicine for the native Aboriginal community, why did we accept that this is all it could do;





Why has no further studies, time and money been set aside for this worthwhile tree with leaves that in my opinion are painted in gold.

On one of my 3 visits to Australia I had to be treated in hospital for a Kidney infection and they did sanitise their hospital with Tea Tree and I’ve even heard of atomisers infused with this magical oil sharing its qualities with those being treated and cared for with AIDS. It combats both Streptococcal and Staphylococcal bacterias so when it comes to fighting infection Tea Tree is your friend, but the enemy to bacteria!

There’s an effect of Tea Tree that caught my curious brain a few months back and that’s its ability to get your immune system working harder by bringing on your Lymphocytes (your white blood cells) in increased amounts, a process called Lymphocytosis. The body does do this process itself at times of viral infections but in some cases we need support.

My curiosity led me to think about the skins immunity ability and made me wonder about us always approaching a boost in our immunity by internal methods a Vitamin C shot of freshly squeezed orange juice, Echinacea tablets, Elderberry Syrup and more remedies. What about our first line of defence – our skins immunity! When I started to ponder I began to think about lots of skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, those skin types I see constantly trying to avoid reactions and flare ups. Is the recurrence of their skin condition as a direct result of a lowered skin immunity..? You can probably hear the formulas mounting in my head if you know me, I start to think of solutions at a quick rate!

My first port of call was a bag of formulas for my best mate, born with Eczema and I’ve watch her suffer for years, passing products her way whenever I could. She is allergic to so many things and her skin became so sore, cracked and always so vulnerable. ‘I’ve got a bit of a new theory’ I tell her ‘okay…’ she replies curiously. I tell her about Tea Tree – an ingredient that you would only associate in skincare normally with cleaning products specifically for Acne sufferers (ironically as I type this I realise I treat Acne with all the soothing ingredients often associated with the treatment of Eczema!) I don’t mean to do things for difference sake but at times we must question why we know what we know and keep an open mind and be flexible to tailor to individuals.

I’m happy to report that my friend has just ordered her second kit and is enjoying results, in fact she requested body formulas too!