How could I not snooze…I mean type in my beautiful surroundings this morning! After the school run I headed a mere hour away to find a hypnotic purple glazed field enriched with Lavender, bees, butterflies, even my own bunch of Lavender had a baby caterpillar wriggling out of it (I will be returning him back to the fields, no caterpillars were hurt in the making of this blog!)

The ‘positive purple’ fields belong to Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead, UK, every inhalation as I type is filled with that warm, heady dose of Lavender aroma, every sip of my Lavender tea and bite of my Lavender scone makes me appreciate this plant I see in nature instead of the essential oil I add to blends to heal, calm, ease, clean and comfort people.

Amanda Dalgleish from Plants for People will be joining me soon to discuss working together on an exciting workshop from soil to oil, so what better meeting place could we unite and discuss plans..?

There’s another reason we’re both here on the same day and that’s to join Laura Hoy from Essential Oils & You and a group of people looking to create our very own natural perfume and we get to learn, make and create in a pagoda on the peak of the fields. I’ll be sure to let you know the outcome in my next blog!

I’ll be communicating from more beautiful natural spaces like this to encourage you to get out and about and smell the roses, or in this instance ‘smell the Lavender’. If we can truly appreciate the setting where plants grow abundantly then we can truly capture the essence of the oils we use at home, on the go, within a treatment and within our skincare routines – that thought alone makes me radiate from the inside out!

Breathe in the scene below and enjoy some FREE WELLBEING…