Tonight I was discussing the benefits of offering massage and exercise as a package with Sean Newton from Holistic Fitness to offer people benefits that enable them to go about their day to day with ease and function.

Massage is usually the luxury treat once or twice a year or a pummel when the tension gets unbearable! Exercise always comes with a goal that often involves tone, weight loss or to achieve a fitness challenge!

Let’s switch your thinking for a moment…Imagine booking your massage regularly to ease tension and increase fluidity as you go about your day and then enrolling the support of a Personal Trainer to make you strong and able to run at a moments notice when your child asks you to play tag.

It seems we forget to consider supporting our everyday and go about lacing our activity with a massive challenge to motivate. Massage and exercise are often found in the same venue to ease muscle tension caused by your workout or to prevent injury but what about considering massage alongside exercise as a way to improve performance on the day to day stuff, to maximise your potential!

i’m not suggesting for a moment to not enjoy a treat every now and then or set yourself a physical challenge but in this age of Mindfulness consider feeling able, active, healthy, calm, energised, flexible and tension free everyday for the rest of your life!

Sean Newton works at Holistic Fitness and creates inspiring and enjoyable ways to get fit, stay fit and love being active here in Brighton. My massage clinics run every Thursday at Brighton & Hove Therapies, a clinic close to The Lanes and we are working together to deliver massage and exercise as a necessity for your daily lives!