Many of my clients love the aroma in therapy but on occasion I have a client who is indifferent to the oils that are more focused on the massage itself and some that have a sensitive nasal passage that would prefer to avoid smells altogether!

Even though it is rare to opt out of the essential oil addition to your blend it highlights the need to share just how special a carrier oil can be if only I could rename them to be essential carrier oils as they make up the majority of the blend applied to your body after all!

I had an interesting experience with a client who didn’t appear to have dry nor dehydrated skin yet the organic Sunflower Oil I applied was soaked up by his skin and I pondered on the realisation that his body needed it nutritionally.

What do you know about the oil Helianthus Annuus extracted organically via a technique called cold pressing (where the plant is ground down to release the oil and there is no heat applied). It contains what I like to call ADE vitamins as it is rich in all 3 but also be mindful of its mineral list to benefit you – Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Potassium & Calcium. Suddenly you’re reading this thinking the light, doorless oil is a bit more interesting than first thought. In a massage blend it is very softening to the skin but feeding the skin and then incorporating the seeds into your diet and a less refined version of the oil in your food to potentially lower cholesterol!

Gone are the days that I distinctly remember in my early training back in the late 90’s where Grapeseed & Almond oil were the only choices in fact you were too concentrated on what essential oils were king in that the carrier was just that, a medium with which to deliver essential oils to the skin.

Nowadays I find myself creating synergies with carrier oils and not just the gloomy Wheatgerm with another carrier oil to thin it out a bit I’m talking more about evening Primrose with Borage & Jojoba Oil for Eczema sufferers or perhaps Olive with Arnica oil to ease those aches and pains or to liquify Shea Butter Oil with Sunflower & Wheatgerm to nourish and heal or maybe Camellia and St Johns Wort to uplift your mood.

Branch out and experiment to find a texture you love with the action you want to create and then add the essential oil and reap the rewards for doing so!

Those that invest in a wellbeing course of treatments with me receive a tailored blend of oils in a cream or oil to use at home to extend results.