It is crucial that I have this content on my website as I believe in caring for your skin in the sun and always have done. Each Summer I freshen up my video and make sure it’s spread far and wide to save people from getting burnt in the sun!

Quick Tips..!

Buy fresh sunscreen every year

SPF15 is a minimum when in and out of the sun

SPF30 is the maximum number and is recommended when you are spending longer in the sun

When out in the sun for long periods of time apply sunscreen every 60-90 minutes

Seek sun creams that are PABA Free (Para Amino Benzoic Acid)

Seek sun creams with a mineral protection – Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide

Apply good quantities and pat to finish and settle minerals

Cleanse effectively to prevent build-up and breakouts

The Detail..!

You must buy fresh batches of sunscreen each year as the SPF will degrade after a year and you may only get a reduced protection plus you may react to a product that has gone off!

Most foundations contain an SPF15 but whether it’s sunscreen or make-up this level is perfect when you are dipping in and out of the sun.

30 is the maximum, any higher then you’re dealing with cling film wrapped skin essentially causing heat to build up creating a heat reaction and may result in prickly heat. The higher SPF’s also make you think that you only need apply once but this is not true not even a ‘Total Sunblock’ because the combination of sweat and water from sea or swimming pool breaks down the product. Avoid a waterproof sunscreen which is often mentioned in the blurb of a very high SPF. What ingredient could go into a skincare product to make it waterproof!?

Apply your sunscreen in the first instance when your skin is cool at least 30 minutes before going outside and while you’re nude so you don’t miss a bit. Top ups are then easier throughout the day and will avoid burnt patches. Then reapply every 60-90 minutes and be most vigilant between 12-2pm when the sun is at its burning optimum! Don’t be fooled into thinking a sea breeze means the sun is less damaging, especially on a boat when the water acts like a mirror bouncing it right to you!

PABA as an ingredient must be avoided as it is a trigger for prickly heat yet found in sunscreens! Despite being one of the first active ingredients in sunscreen to reduce UV damage its allergic effects have seen its use reduced greatly.

Mineral sunscreens are favoured by me as they reflect light away from the skin they only contest when the skin is not cleaned effectively.

Never feel that the less you apply the more tanned you will become because what will still happen is you’ll burn. Quantity needs to be in relation to your size, the best tip is based on ease of spreadability. If you run out on a limb, apply more once massaged settle the minerals by patting the skin. This will settle the minerals and reduce chalky white streaks!

Cleansing is key so be sure to be thorough. I developed my Cleansing Set based on the need to cleanse well without stripping the skin. The same applies to the body use a gentle loofah to apply your shower product.

Have fun..!

The sun gives us the best source of Vitamin D which regulates both Calcium & Phosphate minerals needed for healthy bones however, as adults and children above the age of 5 need to have greater amounts so seek good Vitamin D rich foods or consider a supplement (after receiving advice from a professional on how much to take). Do enjoy it without overheating in it!