Leaping on from my blog about the art of cleansing this next subject is vital for you to achieve results on your own skin.
I’ve seen person after person throughout my career who present with a skin type or a skin condition but rarely do I hear people consider their all encompassing skin type made up of their very own unique ‘combination’. Yet this is the secret! Get to know all the components of your skin, as we are all combination skin types but it’s the unique parts that make up your combination that we need to get to know!Once you know the various aspects of your skin you can then begin to prioritise and you can be flexible with your routine to treat it as it needs in that moment.
Our skincare has been put into categories to help us self-select in stores or online but I’ve witnessed different skin types pick up the same product..! In my opinion what happens with most skincare choices is that it becomes a habit, the range worked for you once and you daren’t change (If your skin improves your products should evolve). At other times I see choices being made upon the fact that they don’t react on my skin (you need to know that you should have high expectations of your product and that they can even improve a sensitive skin!)
To help you discover the components of your skin and piece together your combination the best way is to show you how to prioritise the needs of your skin;
Sensitivity comes in many forms from touch sensitivity that comes and goes to long term conditions such as Eczema and stress related concerns such as Psoriasis or product irritations causing Dermatitis. No matter what form it takes on your skin it must be treated first to build strength and resilience in your skin. Then you can build on this progress and build defence to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.
Dry is next now here it’s a texture thing, a lack of oil (lipids) making your skin rough to the touch, flaky, with a chalky appearance. Bypassing dry skin is simply not an option, this is a condition which is so resistant and you end up only conditioning dead skin cells. Now product exfoliation is not the answer here (that’s a whole other blog!)
Dehydrated presents you with a taut and tight skin lacking in water (Transepidermal Water Loss – TEWL for short!) and as well as being resistant your brain thinks your dry and sends more oil leading to the a-typical combination skin.
Oily for some in patches of shine for others a wet appearance on the skin making your make-up slide. The overactivity of your skin is in play here with Sebaceous Glands at high functioning levels leading to a dilution of the potency of your product applications and if you try to dehydrate the oil stripping the natural oils then guess what you have Dehydrated/Oily skin on your hands, which is trickier to treat!
Throw in breakouts, pigmentation, congestion these will all respond to the art of cleansing (as in my previous blog) and seeking ingredients specific the concern and if possible taking into consideration the cause especially if hormone-related breakouts or pigmentation (Melasma). Then apply the care to these specific areas only and not your entire face and neck!
Once you’ve selected your skin concerns, prioritise, treat and enjoy BETTER SKIN!