Anti oxidants, exfoliators, sunscreen, make-up, massage, and face masks! This is the list of solvers to reach for when your skin has been to the city, or has been exposed to pollution that makes your skin feel taut, look dull, and looks congested where spots arise.

Just one day in London led me to tackle this topic – with soot up my nostrils leaving a black residue on the tissue, and a spot appearing on my nose out of nowhere, what are we to do..? I couldn’t help but empathise with those who face this level of pollution every single day, for me it’s increased to 3 days a week and so I have to be thinking along the lines of preventative action and defence.

The kind of armour that has to involve anthocyanin-rich oils such as Blacurrant and Elderberry as often featured in my bespoke 50/50 Serum, the armour extends to double-cleansing – probably one of the simplest but most effective tips to transform your skin every single day (I love this recommendation because it’s achievable, effective and is accessible to all). The protective nature of the armour is via sunscreens (yes even in the U.K.) and make-up, I must caviat both of these and express that double cleansing before you go to sleep when using either of these is imperative otherwise an army of spots and dull skin will arise! Lastly, recovery from my list of ‘solvers’ are face masks – Green Clay from France is one of my absolute go-to’s when you have to deal with the aftermath of polluted skin, the result is instant, cooling the heat and anger from your disgruntled skin, while refining texture is simple glory then follow it with a massage. Increasing blood and lymph flow and aiding absorption while taking in the aroma of the oil you applied is part of your wellbeing and impacts how you feel after exposure to such aggressors, calm – nourished – restored…Face the city, face the pollution as it may have to be part of your day but know you can look and feel brighter afterwards.

Take it to the next level and do what we do as a whole family – we call it Discovery Sunday (though sometimes it’s on another day!) a time where we find somewhere new in the outdoors and let fresh air breathe life into your skin, clear your mind and invigorate your energy!